Curriculum Vitae

Monika Eva Sandberger

* art historian, guide, manager of tour operator *

Monika Eva Sandberg is born on 25. August 1973 in Stuttgart. Her interest in art, languages ​​and European history and culture is early strong, and promotes her partens to bring her in many trips all arrount Europe.After graduation, she focuses on italian art history and immatricolate in 1993, first in Heidelberg at Ruprecht-Karls University and later at the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich.For her two main subjects European art history and medieval and modern history, she passed the great latinum and so she adds Latin to her multi-lingualismus (Italian, French, English).
In the framework of a university exchange program Monika Eva Sandberger completed two semesters at the Università degli Studi di Pisa in Italy. This gives character to stay later degree work at Mr. prof. Kirchner: “Sebastiano Ricci: Venus surprised by a satyr, State Gallery in Stuttgart.In July 2001, she completed her studies at the Ruprecht-Karls University, with the academic degree of Master of Arts (MA).
During the high school years, the art historian hired as an intern in Germany and Italy. First by Sotheby’s in Munich and later at the art-historical institute (Max-Plank) in Florence, than at the State Gallery in Stuttgart and at the Städtische Kunsthalle Mannheim.
At the State Gallery Stuttgart she designed a successful art memory-game called “picture game” and is in charge since 1999 as a freelancer for Public guidesd of the permanent collection and important exhibitions.
In Mannheim, she works primarily as co-author of the exhibition catalog “Gold M(m)acht Lust, Richard Wagner”, latere as a freelancer since June 2000, she gides the visiters of special exhibitions and in permanent collection.
Furthermore, the art historian works as a tour guide for the tour operator Studiosus for study tours in Tuscany and was an associate teacher at the folk high schools Stuttgart, Heidelberg and Mannheim. In this role, she holds professional and knowledgeable guided slide shows and popular excursions to art history and sightseeing.
In April 2003 Monika Sandberger works as a multy-language secretary in the language ​​institute for foreigners “il David” in Florence, Italy.
An other freelance job she does at the barock-gallery in the Castell of Ludwigsburg since February 2004, successfully guided tours in German and Italian.
Also as a freelancer she did seminars and slide shows in Stuttgart, at the Dante Alighieri Society in Italian language, about Italian art history and museum excursions.
Another freelance job leads Monika Sandberger to new fields, as the author of an Internet project on Italian art history and language.
She also workes as a translator since 2005, translating encyclopedic articles on art history and books about italian art from Italian in German. This delicate and demanding activity she already practiced for Saur Verlag Leipzig and the Herder Verlag Freiburg and works for a translation institute in Prato, Italy. She also translates web pages from Italian to German and vice versa.
With its exclusive agency “Kunstfuehrung” (art tour) for artistic travel to Tuscany she organizes groups-, private- and family travels to do their individual travel. A rich experience, thoughtful organization, her personal charm, bring her guests to art-historical highlights and to personal tips from the restaurant to the City-tour accommodation contributes to the experience of Italian life-art.
* Monika Eva Sandberger *

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